[Unanswered]  What is this worth

Does anyone know what this is worth?

[img][Image: dx1x5u.jpg][/img]
[img][Image: 2n1as06.jpg][/img]
(Aug. 11, 2018  12:52 AM)Lgknut Wrote:
Does anyone know what this is worth?

The images aren't showing
I think it may be fake (I don't know Plastic Gen), so probably no worth?
I’d say it’s fake. There are no TT logos anywhere, it’s made in China and it says superior all over it.
This is a fake with 150 rs

I bought one
Probably worth like $5
(Aug. 11, 2018  5:02 AM)CitrusNinja3 Wrote: Probably worth like $5

Too much,max 3 dollars,worth 2 though
Fake as a 5$ coin, and at the time of plastics gen the company was just named Takara (before Tomy bought it). Takara used to have its beys produced in China, also TT with Mfb ones. For Burst series TT moved its production Headquarter to Vietnam.
It's fake. I Don't think it's value would be more than 5-6$.
(Aug. 11, 2018  3:19 PM)Suhasini Wrote: It's fake. I Don't think it's value would be more than 5-6$.

5-6 $ is too much for this ( I could buy this for around rupees 200 in India i.e 2.89 USD )
No it's not worth it it probably end up breaking easy
it's not worth anything unless you like fakes and this isn't a good fake at all sorry, good fakes are really good molds of the originals or add unique or improved features over the originals,

the launcher might be decent as fake launchers can me more powerful as they are more grippy and the ripcord may be good but fake ripcords wear down very quickly, and the launcher handle grip is nice and should be decent

but again not really worth anything