[Unanswered]  Volcanic Driver?

My Volcanic' is not Awakened nor is my xtreme' but i can control my V' Though not my xtreme it flies out stadium i don't know why

My Lunch: I have a good grip so i can even use the Bloody longinus launcher but if i use string mislaunch or break
Launch 6 inches (15 cm) above the stadium for your xtreme'. That always helps me. What launch are you using for your xtreme' and volcanic'? Which launcher?
I don’t believe X’ gets awakened. It’s actually at it best when it’s new. Although it’s a fantastic attack driver, it’s know for being tough to control. That’s why Qc’, Hn’ or Jl’ are substituted sometimes.

I find launching low (driver tip as close to the stadium floor as legally allowed) and at a slight angle usually gives me better control & the desired flower pattern.