[Unanswered]  String and ripcord.

My lr string launcher has less power than my ripcod launcher. What can I do to make my lr launcher more faster?
Ok So Get A Grip To Have More Pulling Space Private Message Me What Beyblade You Are Using.
I'm experiencing the same thing. My Dual Threat launcher is noticeably weaker than any launcher I've tried.

Following this thread.
You could have worn the gear. Do you crank your launcher? Also like DavidKranz said you should get a grip.
This video helps with launching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agC4YoALI7c
Definitely not a worn gear on mine. It's brand new. I don't crank my launcher.

Grip or not, I've yet to have anything launch even close to as hard as the regular Switch Strike Launcher when using the Dual Threat.