[Unanswered]  Really bored of beyblade

There was a time when I was bored of beyblade. But then I re-watched the anime, I joined the WBO, I started my YouTube channel, I got my first sparking beys, I learned how to subscribe to awesome channels like Zankye and BBG and LeftBurst. And everything was better. Sometimes getting involved with others and other things helps get over the boredom. I love beyblade more than anything, (as a hobby) and I feel as though I will always love it. However, I loved LEGOS just as much every since I was a little boy but one day about a year ago, my sisters friends came over, I put the legos away and when I took them back out, it was boring. I am frightened that the same thing will happen with beyblade, but I have faith that it won't. Beyblade will always have a place in my heart.