[Unanswered]  Product list for Plastic Gen Hasbro Beyblades/Stadiums?

I'm looking for a product list for the Hasbro original series (Plastic Gen) Beyblades and Stadiums. There are stadiums in particular I'm looking for the name of. Is there anything like this online? I'm struggling to find it.
Well, I found this: https://www.beyblade.org/beyarena-beyblade-stadiums/

It does seem to include some Japanese stadiums too (including some with incorrect names), but does anyone know if the list I've compiled below or not is complete or the release dates for these?

- Beystadium 1
- Beystadium 2
- Spinblaster
- Bladebreaker
- Earthquake
- Thunder Rumbler
- Vortex
- Blizzard Bowl
- Draciel Fortress
- Dragoon Hurricane
- Dranzer Flame Field
- Driger Den
- Cyber Draciel
- Cyber Dragoon
- Engine Gear
- Heavy Metal
- Iron Battlefield
- Mobile Stadium
- Engine Gear Mobile Stadium