[Unanswered]  Looking to get into the hobby, and i would like any information i can get

looking to get into this game as a hobby, but i only have a few early burst beys that i cannot identify, 2 metal fight ones, and a cracked old Hasbro stadium. i am hoping to find out what i should look at, as i would like to have at least a small collection of burst series beys, a stadium or 2, and a comfortable launcher
Trust it will be worth it, if you have enough money buy Takara Tomy Beys, off of Amazon(Make sure they are real(look at reviews of the beyblade to make sure)). Now if you cant get Takara Tomy beys you can get Hasbro Beyblades at stores such as Walmart or Target. If you are looking for stadiums you could order them on amazon but i get stadiums from the the store(Target is my favorite store to go to for getting beyblades.
if you want a comfortable launcher you should get the LR string launcher because you can switch spin directions on it and you dont have to buy a left and right launcher and keep switching out . sometimes when your holding a string launcher and you let go it comes back and hits your hand which really hurts so you should probably get a launcher grip to (plus its even more comfortable to hold that way) hope that answers the launcher part of your question.
If you’re just looking to play for fun, Hasbro stadiums are cool. Takara-Tomy are used for official matches and most prefer them but they can be pricey, around $40. You can grab a simple Hasbro stadium for $7-$10 at Target or Wal-Mart. A nice RL string launcher is a good buy. Ever-wish.com sells them for about $10.
If you want to get in to Beyblade, a good set to buy is the Cho-Z Remodeling Set B-128. If you want a comfy and decent launcher I would recommend the LR Light Launcher. It come's with Star Ester Dragon B-133 and Spriggan Requiem B-100, or you can just buy it alone from someone selling it at tournament's. You can also buy it alone on amazon with B-112. Make sure you also get the B-109 to make it easier to hold on to and more comfy. I would not recommend the LR string launcher as it breaks pretty often. You can buy any old stadium from Walmart or Target. Just make sure the play area is round (Not Oval).
Get good beys first