[Unanswered]  I put a Hasbro tip on a TT layer a long time ago. Can I still use the TT layer?

I know if it was the other way around I can't use the Hasbro layer, but the rules are a bit unclear on what happens if the TT layer has been experimented with. Is it also damaged or changed? I have a Victory Valkyrie I really want to use in classic, but I once put a hasbro driver on it. Can I still use it?
I'd assume so, Hasbro drivers don't have strong enough springs to damage TT teeth
Tt layers have strong teeth and hasbro drivers have weak springs= if you use a hasbro driver on a tt layer, you can still use the tt layer

Hasbro layers have slopes and tt drivers have strong teeth= if you use a tt driver on a hasbro layer, you cannot use the hasbro layer