[Unanswered]  How stable are Trans' modes? (Takara Tomy Trans)

Hi, I'll get straight to the point. I don't have Trans, and I've been wondering for a while. How stable are Trans' modes? By this I mean: If I have it on the attack mode, will it stay on the attack mode until I switch it to stamina mode (or vice-versa)? Does Trans change modes mid-battle? Or does Trans' mode locking mechanism (if it has one) get loose/worn with use? Thanks.
In my experience, the locking mechanism of both my Takara-Tomy Trans Drivers have tended to be slightly loose, so they changed from flat to sharp mode during some matches if not readjusted in between. Never had one go from sharp to flat on its own, though.
Based from experience, this is like Trick except that it was not the intended effect to have the flat and sharp modes interchange between matches. If you have Dimension, you'll also notice that the modes will definitely be completely different from what you initially put it into prior to launch.

Trans Driver's locking mechanism is really loose (just a small plastic notch inside holding the moving part, I assume), so manually changing the modes would possibly exacerbate the looseness, not to mention heavier combos would probably make it shift from one mode to the other if the revolving part hits the stadium far more easily. Perfect example is using this with Seig Xcalibur.7Cross on Attack mode prior to launch and you'd be expecting it to stay mobile but instead it suddenly stays stationary upon landing on the stadium (when tilt launching), or it does move around a bit but after hitting and being pushed back by recoil it then settles near the center of the stadium. The reverse could also happen, where you expect it to stay within the center but it just suddenly goes berserk near the tornado ridge upon landing.