[Unanswered]  Hasbro Zeta

Recently I have gotten some cho-z and slingshock beyblades. All has been well up to now. The zeta tip on my spryzen requiem is starting to hang lower than a part should. When launched it jumps a good bit.  Does anyone know what’s wrong, and is there a fix for this?
The name is Quake.
Performance Tip Quake.
Choose it too jump a lot

Actually Quake mode is Attack mode on Zeta
That's not the problem, but thanks. the problem is on all modes not just attack. The tip is actually zeta, not trying to pass it off as something else. i have a minoboros with quake, but it stays on minoboros. (rarely used btw) If i need to give pics/videos let me know.  Not trying to be mean or anything, but please read my problem before assuming its quake. Thanks