[Unanswered]  Best replacement to Outer between Ring and Yell?

Yo, what's up? This time i need you guys to help me choosing between these 2 discs.
In particular, i need infos about both stamina and LAD.
In my opinion, yell has better lad because of the lowest second "disc in the disc" while ring is lighter and stronger in pure stamina. I'm correct? Ring is prone to cause self-bursts (maybe the Wikia Page is old, i don't think god-choz layers can be influenced that much due to their heavier weight in comparison to single and dual layers. The time when Ring came out beys like victory valkyrie, storm spriggan, roktavor were fresh releases). That's kinda obvious outer is better than yell and ring, but which one is closer to it?
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
Yell is closer to outer