[Unanswered]  Best combos with these parts?

Hi guys, so today i'll be asking which competitive combos i can make with the following parts:
Level chip
Archer Hercules
Hell Salamander
Shadow Amaterios
0 disc
7 disc
Bump frame
Star frame

I know the most competitive combo i can make is [LC] aH/7-0/Et. How does hS on Eternal? What would you advice to buy (please, not too expensive)?

Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Use Build me a combo #2
And try Lc hS 0 Et
Et works best without Frame. Get Destroy Bearing or atomic and use 0b
Archer Hercules 7 Et. Probably one of the best combos out there.
Ok, thank you! I need help to move this thread, so moderators... Grin
Hell Salamander 0Star Eternal