[Unanswered]  Best beys for $25

Alright, so I've got a $25 Amazon gift card and a prime membership. What're the best beys I can get for $25 that have Prime? 

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Purchase Consultation thread next time.

There are a ton of fakes on Amazon. Be careful.
Is Ace/Rock/Gran Dragon any good?
(May. 02, 2019  11:59 PM)IceCreeper909 Wrote: Is Ace/Rock/Gran Dragon any good?
Do you have any of the Meta layers rn? Like Hell Salamander, Perfect Phoenix, Balkesh B3. You may want to get those or pick up the triple booster set (Cho-Z edition) for the drivers.
No, I don't(aB I actually do have)
Definitely get revive and/or dead Phoenix, Archer hercules, or hell salamander. Definitely get Cho z valkyrie if it is within the price range.
It depends what you have and your preference in beys. What parts do you have?