[Unanswered]  Advice for getting back into beyblade?

Hey guys, 

The last time I was really into beyblade was like.. 2013? Looking at my post history....  Smithicide

I don't really have any idea how this new generation of beyblade works, all I know is that they burst lol. The metal generation (face bolt, energy ring, metal wheel, spin track, and tip) is the only one I'm familiar with lol.

Could any of yall point me into the right direction for getting to know the new parts and system? I'd like to find out what parts are competitive as well as which beyblade I should pick up and why. I know when I was younger, I knew a lot about what combos were good and things like that, I'd like to get to that same level for this generation and possibly open up a club at my university.

I already picked up a few hypersphere beyblades late last year, coming from the metal generation, I was pretty sad to see how Hasbro's were pretty much all plastic, It kinda ruined my hype for this gen at the time. The TT beys look a lot more interesting and fun so I'll probably be going with those for now on.
basically the M A I N parts of a burst bey are the layer,disk and driver. in GT, Sparking and DB you can customize the layers
A bey consists of 3 main parts
2- Disc
3- Driver

A layer consists of a god chip in the god era, it is split into a base, weight, and chip in the GT era, in sparking it is a ring, chip, core, and chassis
A disc is either like sting where it can’t go with a frame or like the 0 disc where it can go with a frame. In sparking, a single chassis goes with a disc and a double chassis doesn’t go with a disc.
A driver is the bottom piece of a bey that features the spring. It stays pretty much the same for all gens except that in Gt there are 3 big drivers that are fused with discs.

That’s how the systems work, let me know if you want to know about the types or about how they burst or competetive stuff
Honestly they don't burst all that often, its actually kind of a fun element because a player who is dominating tournaments might lose some matches, which makes it fun for the rest of us who can't afford to buy every top of the line part from Japan as they're released.

I bought like 2 Hasbro burst and pretty much threw them out. The quality of the Takara ones is light-years away lol

There are a ton of cool instagram pages for beyblade but start with Scott/Kei's- https://www.instagram.com/bladerkei/?hl=en

He's also been doing this awesome blog called BeyBase- https://beybase.com/

And Zankye does really thorough unboxing/testing videos on youtube- https://www.youtube.com/c/zankye/featured
Hi! I actually just got back into it after being out since like 2006. I agree with above posts that Beybase is a great place to get info.

If I could recommend one single bey it would be Rage Longinus 3A Destroy’. I played with this with no customization at my first WBO tournament and was able to make it to the finals! If you can’t get tour hands on a TT stadium I would say to go with the Hasbro Pro Series stadium. It’s very similar to the Japanese designs.
I kind of lost it back quickly got back into it