Ultimate Meteo L Drago Assault Ver. (Hasbro) Draft

Should I mention the fact that there should be no fighting
(Nov. 04, 2020  7:38 PM)GodzillaFan101 Wrote: So are we done?

(Nov. 04, 2020  7:34 PM)The Blacknight Wrote: GodzillaFan101 , quit while you're ahead. plz stop now.

He was never ahead lmao
(Nov. 04, 2020  8:16 PM)GodzillaFan101 Wrote: shut up blader I am always ahead
I had enough of this I just pm a mod. Can you guys stop
yeah sure if you want

yeah sure if you want to
Well, I'll have to close this thread for obvious reasons. Also, @DelltaZakuro, GodzillaFan101 has 20 Warning Percentage already, so I've got my eye on them.