Two New Infinity Combos! Attack and Defense

Poll: Which Combo is better to you?

Infinity: Venusian Defender
Infinity: Ape Fist
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Well, after some testing and tired of having only two sets of combos of the infinity series( as i like to call it), i made something new.

Combo 1
Name: Infinity: Venusian Defender
AR: Mirage Goddess
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Neo-Right Magnecore
SP: Cross Survivor
BB: Customize Metal Sharp Base

Concept: Defense
I dont really like draciel s base since even though it can add metal balls for more weight, i find this to be better and more suitable

Combo 2
Name: Infinity: Ape Fist
AR: Mountain Hammer
WD: 8- Heavy
SG: Right Spin Gear
BB: Storm Grip Base

Concept: Smash Attack
Due to the fact that i no longer own a trygle AR, and i dont wanna rely on Dragoon G's AR or left spin customs, i wanted to try something new, this led me to testing Vortex Ape's AR. Surprisingly, the attack ring has VERY good smash and it doesnt wear off may not be tier 1 but it sure is good.

Please test and rate these combos
Doesn't Customize Metal Sharp move too much? Idk about mirage goddes but I think the first one is better.
Customize Metal Sharp moves but it maintains stability and doesnt get knocked over too easily with a tad bit of Life After Death to survive
(Nov. 27, 2008  8:06 PM)Bluezee Wrote: Customize Metal Sharp moves but it maintains stability and doesnt get knocked over too easily with a tad bit of Life After Death to survive

It cannot have Life After Death if it is not a bearing based base.
Now that i think of it, you are right, ..its more of like a wobbling technique..ill make a vid to show what it does
These are both pretty unharmonious.
I like 2nd better, but try a different WD.
Maybe 10 Heavy or Balance.
Thanks for the input..any other suggestions?
You Could use Wide Defence and HMC for the first one(?)
You could try wide defence on the second one too. I've heard its a good smash WD
the 2nd is good mountain hammer is good for samsh supriseingly
i see someone else has noticed now too
Why don't you do the basic upgrades like using 10 sided WDs and like a Neo Right SG with a MG Core?
And there's not that much point in using that AR. Even if you don't have the other two ARs you listed, there are still better ones.
Yea i see what you mean..for some reason though, i like taking the parts that are looked down on and bring them up to good parts with good combos..but ill definitely upgrade, thanks for the help
Instead of Using mountain hammer use a strike turtle and an 10 wide or 8 wide instead of 8 heavy in you Ape fist combination and Mountain Hammer would perform better than the Mirage goddess on Customize Sharp Base if you put an HMC as the core for the Venusian Defender...
although venusian defender is very good since i would know from battling it, it seems you still need a HMC core..ill trade you mine for your storm grip base since you have 5