Tourny Ban list.

what beys, and launchers are Banned for toury play?
Wrong forum for this question, and it doesn't even need its own thread: You can go check the rules section for Burst Standard and see what is and isn't banned.

This question belongs in the Discuss subforum, either in the WBO Organized Play Official Rules & Discussion thread or the Questions about the WBO thread.

Welcome to the WBO, but please slow down on making new threads until you understand where they should go. 9 times out of 10, a thread already exists for what you're asking, including the Random Thoughts type threads. This sort of redundant thread gets locked fairly quickly.
(Jul. 10, 2019  4:21 PM)sherbear Wrote: what beys, and launchers are Banned for toury play?

No Beys or launchers are banned in the current Burst Standard format, aside from fakes. There are other formats with banlists, but check them specifically if you want to know.