Tornado Stalling Article.

(Jun. 08, 2019  6:42 PM)HyperSonicRacer Wrote: I know this is an old article, but considering the new Burst system and all the other new stuff, I wonder if Tornado Stalling has a place somewhere in the current meta.

You could have asked about this in competitive discussion page:
or in the random thoughts page:
But, anyway, to answer your question, tornado stalling has a place in even today's meta (I don't know if it has much use as it had in MFB days though, because I wasn't here then). pP.outer.volcanic' is a very powerful combo that utilizes tornado stalling. It can beat a very good no. of meta combos and is a fairly popular choice of bey in Japan now that people there have seen the world championship (it was first used there as far as I know, and I think the user of the combo won the tournament). S2.G.Z is a good tornado stalling combination that is sometimes used in burst classic tournaments.