Top five anime (Please Elaborate)

Mine are always changing. Their still always in my top five but just in different orders.

1. Beyblade (all seasons)
2. yugioh
3. Digimon
4. Dragonball z
5. yugioh! gx
(Feb. 27, 2009  2:09 AM)blader9 Wrote: 1.bleach
2.death note
3.naruto shippuden
4.code geass
5.full mettal alchemist

changing mine
1. code geass
2. bleach
3.death note
4.full metal alchemist

changed again
(Mar. 27, 2009  12:18 AM)Zander Wrote: Ok then, scratch the manga. By the way, why does everyone keep saying carp? Is that to replace swear words or something?

try reading the rules
Naruto and Bleach shouldn't be on anyone's list.
(Mar. 27, 2009  12:30 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: try reading the rules

I'll do that.
1. Fooly Cooly
2. Beyblade (duh)
3. Sayonara zetsubou sensei
4. Genshiken
5. Hikaru no go

Its so hard to list just 5
(Mar. 26, 2009  10:40 PM)Zander Wrote: Good god, i know so many good animes/mangas it's almost impossible to do this now, Lol. Top one is still Bleach though.

Also, what is this FLCL?

Oh god you have never scene FLCL??? OMG ITS THE BEST THING EVERRRRRRR!!!!! Pinching_eyes :3
My #1 anime!!!!

only pretentious otaku call it "fooly cooly"
(Mar. 27, 2009  1:30 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: only pretentious otaku call it "fooly cooly"

Furi Kuri
Fooly Cooly

I just used fooly cooly so people who never heard of it did not have to ask what the acronym was.
Soul Eater makes my list now, I like it alot.
My top five anime I like to watch P:
2.Death Note
3.Gundam Seed/Destiny/00
4.Beyblade (all series)
5.Naruto Shipuuden
(Mar. 27, 2009  1:30 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: only pretentious otaku call it "fooly cooly"

I believe the official English spelling is FLCL (pronounced Fooly Cooly). There are however, numerous different spellings scattered throught the anime and it's related texts.....thought that's not exactly uncommon......=_=
it says "FLCL" in giant letters on the DVD cover

that's the title
(Mar. 27, 2009  7:07 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: it says "FLCL" in giant letters on the DVD cover

that's the title

I know I own the series. I was going to write FLCL but I figured people would want to know what the acronym was so I ended up writing Fooly Cooly. Its no big deal. Stupid
1. Full Metal Alchemist
2.Death Note
3. Naruto/Bleach (It's a tie for me)
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Digimon Tamers
OK, heres a new list, because I feel like it.

1. Bleach (still)
2. Naruto
3. higurashi no naku koro ni/Kai (1st series was confusing and haven't finished second but now it all makes sence.)
4. Full Metal Alchemist
5. Shaman King
1. Soul Eater
2. Fantastic Children (Has anyone besides me even heard of this anime...?)
3. Metal Fight Beyblade
4. Shaman King/Yu Yu Hakusho (it's a tie)
5. The Law of Ueki
3:Hikaru no Go
4Grineath Note
5:Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
my favs

case closed
yu gi oh gx
(Feb. 27, 2009  2:14 AM)Pichuscute Wrote: 1. Samurai Champloo
2. Rurouni Kenshin
3. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
5. Avatar: The Last Air Bender
Changed it........
avatar isn't anime god damnit
(Jun. 25, 2009  2:33 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: avatar isn't anime god damnit

I second this statement, but I also think it doesn't matter, they're all the same thing, cartoons.
Same difference >.> I knew it wasn't but I'm counting it anyway. Otherwise I'd be puting something like Beyblade there instead.
1. Bleach
2. Katekyo Hitman Reborn
3. D-Gray Man
4. Ergo Proxy
5. Full Metal Alchemist
1. Initial D
2. Hajime no Ippo
3. Beyblade
4. Death Note
5. Air Gear (Sad they didn't continue it because the Manga is soooooo good)