(Sep. 20, 2021  10:36 PM)DeltaZakuro Wrote:
(Sep. 20, 2021  10:30 PM)TheRogueBlader Wrote: (Not to call you out or anything) Look at this man! All the ‘famous’ Tik tok people just do cringe dances that are absolutely st*pid (side note: I don’t cuss, but saying stuff like what the heck and st*pid isn’t cussing, I also don’t know if I’m allowed to say st*pid so I’m just adding the Astrus instead of the U) 
This man is posting creative art instead of cringe dances or ‘life’ hacks. Anyways that aside, hope you enjoy your new account and stuff DeltaZakuro!

Well tbh, i'm not really the best dancer in the world and i'm not really interested in life hacks so i figured Art would be the next best thing. Art is also just something l love doing so i thought i'd share my talents to about 1B people.
Same, I suck at dancing and all those people who do life hacks and stuff are people I view as boring. It’s nice to have a main hobby, which for me is beyblade, and a couple other hobbies on the side. I don’t really have other hobbies lol, but it’s nice to see others like yourself do!
Devious lick my nuts, what a horrible trend
I like tiktok I think it is a good platform to show off your bey collection or show combos other bladers can use
Tiktok is mixed. Sometimes is fun to use and watch, but sometimes it's stolen content that gets more stuff than the original or recycled trends.

But at the end of the day, I think 8 hours of Youtube as background noise is much more fun to listen to than Tiktok.