[Three Counties, UK] Watch this space - Tournaments in Beds/Herts/Bucks UK

Hi everyone, 

I'd just like to introduce myself, I'm a shop owner who's hoping to start hosting some tournaments in the next few months. I'm new to Beyblades, and due to the pandemic I haven't had a chance to go to any events (plus there aren't many in this part of the world it seems), so any advice anyone has would be much appreciated!

I'd love to meet some people nearby that would be willing to come to the events or teach me more about the hobby, or any other organizers who would like to collaborate?

On that note, is there any product that is good for starting out that you can direct me towards?
In terms of Beys to buy, I'm a bit out of it (last i was properly engaged was the start of DB) but probably the newer DB beys are good to look at.
Yea DB would be a nice place to start along with a few sparking beys and gt if your able to but yea thats a good way to start In my opinion well BU is coming so yea