There's gotta be something wrong with me

So I'm a 20 year old about to be 21 that saw the new Metal Fusion beyblades and bought them.

I used to play with the old plastic ones in middle school, then I got bored cause no one played them after a year, now I'm back into playing them and well, I'm gonna drag my friends into it again whether they like it or not.

So I guess here I'm just saying hi, and I want to ask, what is the best stadium to use for exciting battles for the Metal fusion beyblades?
Welcome to the WBO! Hope you have a good time.
Welcome to the WBO. Can you order a Takara Tomy attack stadium?
I'm ordering both the wide square and attack stadium. Those are must owns right?
(Feb. 23, 2011  8:25 PM)DJ Azure Wrote: I'm ordering both the wide square and attack stadium. Those are must owns right?

I don't know about the wide square stadium, but any Takara Tomy attack stadium should do you fine.
(Feb. 23, 2011  8:25 PM)DJ Azure Wrote: I'm ordering both the wide square and attack stadium. Those are must owns right?

First of all Welcome ,

A must own stadium is the Attack Stadium [ BB-10 ] , But wide square [ BB-33 ] & BB-46 are secondare purchases , buy a BB-10 First Smile
Oh whoops, I bought both already. The Wide Square and the Set for the Attack Stadium, I think it's BB-32 I believe. Next Paycheck I'm planning on getting the Meteo L-Drago and two Bey Launcher Suspensions
Welcome friendo.

Advice : dont buy the launcher suspensions. Get the launcher rubbers.
Yeah it is. Bb-81. Check out youtube. Search akirasdaddy. Hes got a nice video on it.
Sry cant link it for you. Im on my phone and its a hassle. Pinching_eyes_2
What's the advantage over the suspension?
suspension is for people that pull with their fingers hooked around the handle. rubbers are more for people that hold the handle between their thumb and finger. kinda hard to explain but check out the video. You get a whole lot more power when you use the latter.
Suspension are pointless dont get it.

Welcome to the Wbo>
Welcome dude!
beware of the mods....
They're climbin in yo windows
Snatchin yo people up
Try'na warn 'em
So ya gotta hide yo kids, hide yo wife
And hide yo husband cause they warnin everybody out there.
awwww thats mean firewyrm the mods arent that bad, they are worse, anyway welcome
Welcome to the WBO and the oldies club. I just turned 20 a few days ago, so...yeah. Welcome.
Nice to Meet ya! What types of Beys do you prefer? Attack?Stamina?Defence? Anyhow, Welcome to the WBO.
hi welcome

i use a old thunder rumbler stadium i like it but the pits in the side make me mad i just want a normal battle without my blade falling into a god dam hole
Lol don't worry.
Nothing wrong with you at all.
I'm 21 and i still love it.
And no, i'm not a social recluse Tongue_out

This is just as bad as video gaming apart from you actually spend time socialising and not becoming a coach potato Tongue_out
Thanks for the responses everyone. I think my favorite type so far is Defense, it's fun watching other Beys fly from recoil. I only have Hasbro Beys right now and I think my best Defense one is Earth Orso GB145B.

Stamina is fun to watch fly around the stadium and still stand. I think my best one so far is Earth Capricorn D125BS.

I'm not a big fan of Attack but I do admit it makes things exciting, my main one being a Lightning L Drago (Upper Mode) CH120RF
Welcome To The WBOSmile
@ DJ Azure - BB-32 is a smart choice as it comes with the BB-10 Stadium , wide square stadium is fun for fatal 4-way battles & your attack combo is gr8 for someone who does not like attack that much , but as you are a defense fan please buy Bassalt Horlongium & Hell Kerbecs , they are the vital part of any defense bey

Bassalt is a gr8 wheel for defense & stamina

& Hell Kerbecs are best for the above too also BD145 is gr8 for defense & attack

so overall these two beys are a must buy for you Smile