The worst combo ever.............

This was my worst combo ever:
AR: Master Driger
WD: Ten Heavy
G: Heavy Metal Core
BB: Dragoon G

it only span for 40 seconds on a flat surface
terrible way of testing
and that belongs in the worst combos thread
i bet i can make worse
HMC and 10 Heavy are great parts
1. We have a topic for bad combos already.
2. Solo spin time on a flat surface is pretty much the worst way to measure how good or bad a Beyblade is.
As Giga said the WD and SG-core are good parts.(Notice I said "Core" not the entire SG) Also the Blade it's self is heavy so it will not spin for a long time.

If you want us to suggest a combo, please post all your beyblades.
Metal Driger Cross Spiker
Master Driger Knight Claws Ring
Dragoon G 8 Spiker

10 Heavy
10 Wide
8 Wide

Heavy Metal Gear (Right Spin)
Engine Gear (Left Spin)
Right Spin Gear (Normal V-force one)

First Cluch Base X2
SG Semi-Flat Base
Get some Beyblades that don't suck. Speechless
Haven't you already posted all these beyblades? In the combo thread and another seperate thread? Uncertain

And yeah, get some MFBs. Not Chiron though. Joyful_3
My worst combo was:
BBGrinragoon S
It is extremely light and got knocked out of the stadium in most of the battles.