The best game!!

Splatoon 2 because it's fast-paced, the Dark Tetra Dualies are way too fun, and I can go meme-ing all night long with the New Squiffer with some success xD.
Smash Bros. is my true favorite, though, because it's also fast-paced, but it's much easier to get a hang of, allows a ton of players on the same Switch, and doesn't require you to go online for the most amount of fun.
The best gamesConfusedpider man ps4
Dragon ball z xenovearse 2
Naruto road to Boruto
Why:Because I like fighting games
I love Halo 3 on 360. I haven't completed the story despite its super short length, maybe because I try to hard and play on legendary. But I love slayer mini game. It's DA BEST.