The WallBreakers Team!

Lol, anyways i made a few Wall Versians of the BladeBreakers beyblades.this is in order of best to worst.

AR: Dranzer F
WD:10 Wide
SG: Dranzer F
BB: Dranzer F
BitBeast: Dranzer V2
Name: Dranzer Wall

AR: Draciel F
WD:10 Wide
SG:MagnaCore Right
BB: Draciel F
BitBeast: Draciel F
Name: Draciel Wall

AR: Drigor G
WD:10 Wide
SG: MetalWeight Right
BB: Master Dragoon
BitBeast: Drigor V2
Name: Drigor Wall

AR: Dragoon G
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Normal left
BB: Galeon Attacker
BitBeast: Dragoon G
Name: Dragoon Wall

Strategy: if u didnt notice they all have 10 Wide, and all of their ARs line up with their WD, creating a Wall. Dranzers is a simple multi-strategy that allows u to use the wall to Smash, protect or just attack rapidly. Draciel is alout protection. Drigor smashes and Dragoon attacks rapidly. Dranzers WD/AR aline perfectly. Draciel is a spike wall. Drigor has 2 layers of wall. And dragoon has a slash/spike wall.
GotrutoTheCustimizer Wrote:carp i used : then D and it created Grin .....

this is why you put a space after colons

also these are all terrible in so many ways
Bey Brad Wrote:
GotrutoTheCustimizer Wrote:carp i used : then D and it created Grin .....
this is why you put a space after colons
Fixed it lol
The third one isn't too bad, though. It's usable. You can try Dragoon S base on this, too.
they werent really ment to be THAT usable, except maybe the dranzer1, they were mainly a peice of boredom lol
In any case, if you want to make "walls" for fun, you can also do much better than these.
and what do u suggest will make them better? i might edit Dranzer Wall actually
By fusing them together they made a really strong Blade!!!

AR: Dranzer Wall
WD: Draciel Wall
SG: Drigor Wall
BB: Dragoon Wall
BitBeast: Rock Bison
Name: WallBreaker!!!

Its stats are even just like a wall, but they also break the enemies winning streak! and perhaps their blade! with the power of a Wall and RockBison, the WallBreaker is UNSTOPPABLE! (Not really incase u didnt realize, but its still good)
you need to read more and learn more about beyblade, because at this point you don't know much ...
Do you have a bistol?
If you do put a Ten Balence on it and its gonna beat your combos most of the time. You should like it!
i bought Bistol for my friend a couple years ago,he might let me brrow it