The Use of BeyRaider Ripcords

I hope I posted this in the right place, if not, feel free to move it.

I've noticed that the BeyRaizerz single-pack ripcord can be used in an LL2 or a Compact Launcher.

The handles are, infact, different, but the length of the actual cord (what goes into the launcher) are the same. They have 3 more teeth than a regular LL2 Ripcord, however.

I know this is not the company's "intended use".

I've launched with them and they seems to have the same amount of power.

I'm posting this to ask your opinions on if the WBO should legalize them for use (For LL2's and Compacts) in tournaments.

I think it'd be an interesting idea.

I'll be posting pictures later on, if anyone else wants to- feel free. They'll be added to the OP.

Please leave your opinions on the matter, but no negative comments towards me or anyone who favors the idea.
I generally have no issue with it, three extra teeth doesn't have a measurable effect on launch strength anyway (if they're even spaced right to touch the gear at all), even though I use a ZGCL as my main right spin launcher I probably won't bother getting one, but I'd like pictures - side by side, teeth up, end tips of the ripcords aligned, just to have a look.
My (good) camera is charging, but yeah, I'll have pics in a bit. Tongue_out
I could post pics if I could find my little bro's Ripcord....
th!nk... I was just gonna post take a picture. Why do you take my posts, haha.

Anyway, I seem to not have a problem here. It could come in handy for tournament play if you forget your real one.
Yeah, I'll post pictures later on this afternoon.

On another note, it'd be pretty interesting to see if this will be allowed in organized play.

If anyone wants videos or anything, let me know.
It'd be to hard for a judge to check if its the right ripcord anyways if they're relatively the same length. I see no problem with this if it works.

EDIT: Just saw the handles are different.
Again, despite being busy, pictures will be up soon, haha.

Camera's dead... soon, haha.