The Mayan star fragment in MFB

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I'm doing research for a video that talks a bit about the world of MFB and I lingered on ep 123 of 4D. Dynamis says the existence of several star fragments, that of Atlantis in the film, but also one that he calls "The Treasure of the Mayas"

What can this be according to you? I did some research but I did not find much fancy, neither on the side of the anime than on the side of Mayan traditions. If you could enlighten me that would be nice

Thank you ^^
I don't think this is the L-Draco fragment ...
(Sep. 22, 2020  10:35 PM)Atroce2018 Wrote: I don't think this is the L-Draco fragment ...

In the flashback about L-drago you can see a Mayan looking man (or at least what you would imagine one to look like). It could also be just a unnamed bey.
In episode 46 of Metal Fight, we see people dressed as shepherds of the time, and Egyptians. We can indeed see a woman who can potentially be a Maya, but she is with two Egyptians so that is not possible. In my opinion it is an unnamed bey but it was not placed there by chance, it really wanted to refer to something and that's what I'm wondering
The crystal skulls are often said to be Mayan. Maybe it's that?
Oh that seems a credible theory... suddenly in the world of MFB, they would have used these supernatural crystals to make beys ... hmm ... interesting, too bad that the anime did not devellope that ...