The Friction Experiment

#BeybladeBurst #BeyPhysics
0:00     Perfect Friction driver/performance tip
1:47     °Rush Launch° Demo
2:06     °Flash Shot° Demo
2:19     Test °Rules° Explained
2:53     Technique A - 20 test launches
8:07     Technique A - Analysis of results
10:34   Technique B - 20 test launches
17:35   Technique B - Analysis of results
19:13    Summary & beyond
      Two of the oldest and most effective techniques in real-life blading : °The Flower Pattern°/ °Rush Launch° and °Tornado Stalling°/°Flash shot° are still a mystery today; we don't have a consistent explanation for when,how or why they work and most bladers are content with randomly using these techniques in battle. 
One of the most accepted theories in the beyblade community is that these techniques are mainly due to °High Friction° based on higher success rates with Attack-type drivers/performance tips -considering attack drivers boast the highest  friction in any Beyblade Meta - our experiment tests this theory and just how much these techniques rely on High Friction.

This experiment tests an extreme case, using a °Perfect Friction° driver(100% rubber) we can clearly notice performance differences compared to °Partial Friction° drivers(normal drivers)  only friction is improved so these changes could be considered 'Effects of Friction' .
20 tests launches for each technique, First 10 at °Medium Launch power° and Final 10 at a Higher Launch POWER

1.once or twice while recording, I stated some tests were a "success" but later realized they weren't after watching the slow motion replays, in any case the on-screen results are accurate.
2. Some fails in the experiments were as a result of collision with the Stadium walls yet I did not redo those tests as they simply demonstrated that some level of Launch Technique and Strategy is still required to pull of these techniques. Goodbye and keep Blading............from  a Technical Blader.