[Texas] The Texas Beyblade Association

I was wondering if I could join, too. I know I'm REALLY late but I'm a Texas blader that has been in absolutely NO tournaments but has trained at my house for quite a while. I know no one that blades except for my sibling, and that's really quite sad. Unhappy I live in Houston and can't wait to battle someone!
just curious, any bladers around the southeast texas area?(Beaumont)
I live in San Antonio TX I'd like to joinSmile but I've never been in a bey tournament? I practice my bey skills at home thoughSmile
Hello, I would join your Beyblade finals. I can be your best blader. I love in Texas. I am a blader, one of the Bladers. [EDIT: Do not expose your exact age and name on an internet forum]

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