Tekko World Record - Pittsburgh, PA


I thought this would be the best place to post this, at Tekko (April 11-14) this year we’re attempting to break the record for “Most People Spinning Tops Simultaneously,” by LETTING IT RIP with 1,000 Beyblades!

Hasbro is graciously sponsoring the event, and there will also be a tournament during the weekend! 

Times of each event are TBD, participation in the record breaking requires signing up on the Tekko website (http://www.teamtekko.us/tekko-world-record-event/

There is no charge to enter the record breaking but you MUST have a Tekko badge to enter the con.  Registration ends April 5th so act quickly!

I hope to meet some of you there and as always: LET IT RIP!
I will move this to the Beyblade General forum so more people can see it.