Team prima!

So team prima! Is SoCal based team we are a casually/competitive team and we will go to tournaments and we will have meetups and everybody is welcome to join rules no stealing no swearing at meetups no cheating u can also trade and sell That’s it for now and just dm me or just say I want to join also if u have any  If u know that could  improve the team Just say it and I will try to make some changes hope u have a blademazing day and year ps we also do beyblade burst mobile but u don’t have to do that ?
Hey man! I just joined the community recently and I’m actually looking for a team to join so I’d like to join. Also my dm is Dr4g0nDestr0yer! Let’s be friends
(Feb. 27, 2019  2:40 PM)nightmarejdc Wrote: hey can join and my name is nightmarejdc

Yeah ur in bro