Team beyworlders

Hey guys im back does anyone want to come join team beyworlders? Rules 1.must have at least 1 takara  tomy or 16 hasbros. 2. No bullying.
You are in team bey flare remember
Also, I feel like team USA is too broad, many people in the WBO are from the US, even if I wanted to join, you still haven't even told us where these meetings will be
Maxbox do you even have a Takara-Tomy bey because at the tournament yesterday you were using all hasbro
Yes I have winning z Achilles recrium emperor sige and nightmare

Well Richie boy the south parts of Canada will be in the Canada branch Richie boy you can be the Canada branch host?

Richie boy you can do the Canada branch meet ups

You don’t need to come to the meet ups but you USA branch maybe like pirkins Ohio or Norwalkohio
Wait, there's Ohio meet ups? Please keep me in the loop lol I live up north. About an hour from the lake.
Wow same with me:o

At the Sandusky game stop
I could be the leader of the canada branch, but I have problems with finding members
It’s ok
I can help you if you want but because there are people form other countries you should change the name to team beyworlders and your team and my team can do meet ups a tournaments and battles
Ok that is good information
Is it good with you

You need 5 bladers for the team battles
Hyper are you going to join?
I can’t I am already on a team
If you guys in Sandusky are still on you can count me in if there's enough heads up
Our first meet can be at the common pickles birthday bey party tournament I am thinking after

You only need 3 bladers and when you get there some people will probably want to be on my team
Ok tnx