Team Tournament Format

Recently, a few members of the East Coast have been discussing the possibility of a team tournament. We feel that this is indeed possible and a format could easily be made. By adopting some of Deikailo's ideas, I have created an organized set of rules and regulations to follow by to make the tournaments go smoothly. Take a look at this.


In this format, bladers form a team of 3-4 (no more than 4 beybladers will be able to register) members. Only 3 will be able to participate with the 4th beyblader counting as a substitute in exchange for the exclusion of one beyblader on the team. The team MUST use legal beyblades. Any modifications of any kind to the beyblade whether it is the addition of foreign objects, paint that will make the beyblade weigh more, magnets/weights that will also make the beyblade weigh more or affect its performance and/or the performance of the opponent’s beyblade along with the wearing of parts etc. is strictly prohibited and illegal. The team must also use ALL of their team members. One or two beybladers can not take the place of the entire team. In addition, any beyblader that is caught cheating, stealing, or breaking any rules gets their team disqualified. This is absolutely unacceptable. Team members may exchange parts before their respective matches but they are NOT allowed to exchange them in between battles.

All Beybattles will be done in the best 3 out of 5 format. Each blader will battle in their own matches. Although they are on teams, beybladers will not be allowed to switch opponents. However, if for some reason a beyblader can not battle, they may assign the team substitute to take their place in battle. Substitutes can only be called upon if they blader is unable to battle or they team decides to switch which beybladers will be battling in the matches but they must swap positions. For example, the team consists of bladders A, B,C, and D as a substitute. Before the matches are set, Blader A decides that he/she does not want to battle in this round. As long as the matches have not been assigned and opponents have not been chosen, Blader A now has the choice to sit out and have Blader D take his/her place in battle. However, this must be clearly expressed to the judge or tournament organizer to ensure that the switch is confirmed and changes can be made if necessary. Here is how the battles will be organized.

Team 1: A, B, C, D
Team 2: E, F, G, H

A vs. E: A wins
B vs. F: F wins
C vs. G: C wins

B vs. E: E wins

Final Match:
D vs. E: D wins
Team 1 wins.

A team can only win by acquiring 3 team match wins. If Team A 2 wins and 1 loss, Team B can choose one person that lost to go up against the loser of Team A. If Team B wins that match, both teams will now have to choose one beyblader( this includes the substitute in this choice selection) to represent them in the final match. The team who scores 3 match wins first will be declared will be declared the winners.

Depending on the number of teams/ attendees, Round Robin, Block Round Robin, Double Elimination, or Single Elimination formats may be implemented. All other rules in the standard format also apply to this format.

By Bluezee
NICE! Will be int resting.
I have not looked at everything yet, but I still maintain that tag teams are the fairest.
What about team elimination like in fighting game tournies. Have two teams of 3 or 4. One person from each team battles. Winner stays, next person from the other team steps up. The winner has to keep the same combo for the next match. This gives the other team an opportunity to counter pick so this is where knowledge of the game comes in. This continues until all members from one team have been defeated.
i think this format would be fun for bragging rights at least.
Can not let this thread die. Has this been taken into consideration at all?
Not while I had my final university exams, no.
(Apr. 23, 2011  4:14 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Not while I had my final university exams, no.

Ah I see. My apologies.
beast my area has 2 teams mine is molten metal the other deosent have a name yet could we organize some kind of team tornament on wbo like we do with beypoints
Interesting :o
What is the point of a substitute? Then that means D, the substitute, can conceivably have no beybattles until the semi finals when their team wins. The only point in having a fourth team member is if the team member can't make it to the tournament period and you have to call for a fill-in. For example, let's say I have all of the following members on my team:

Shippudenface (Brooklyn, NY)
Cyberbeyblade77 (Philadelphia, PA)
Galaxy4ever (Maryland)
Deikailo (Long Island, NY)
Burn Leon (South New Jersey)

and there's a tournament in New York, clearly I'm not going to ask Galaxy to come to NY. First choice would be me and Ship and then it's cyberbeyblade77 or Burn Leon. Cyberbeyblade77 is more consistant, so I'd pick him. For a Jersey tournament, it's cyberbeyblade77 and Burn Leone with an option of me (because I have a car) or Galaxy4ever (since he's a maniac for beybattles ;p). In Maryland, it's me, Galaxy, and Cyberbeyblade77 because of distance.


Alternates are for real life situations (because unlike me, your lives don't revolve around Beyblade tournaments), not "omg my hand is injured, I can't play this round!" situations. You don't do that in regular tournaments, you shouldn't have to do it here.
you should have unlimited members for your team but in tornament use 4 i have 6 members on my team all in kansas
4 makes it harder to determine results.
I would really like this to get approved and battle other team. It should be fun, but I think tag-team would work better....or atleast if only 3 battle instead of 4.
Three makes it possible for one loser to be there and reach the top three of the tournament because every other time the two other players won all the other matches.

Hence why my decision is two, tag-team tournaments.
That makes a lot of since Kai-V, so it would be good if we had tag-team tournaments in the WBO. However, If 3 wont work, how about 4? I would just like it if atleast more than one person battled, I dont care if its 2 or 4. (I also know im asking for too much, but we should also make threads to get your own teammate (If we make tag-teams instead) THANKS!
As Deikailo wrote, four makes it more complex in case of a tie. However, with only two teammates, we can be fair and have the two 'losers' from each team battle each other, and that match will break the tie. With four though, how do you choose one person from each team to have the tie-breaking battle ?
3 gets complicated, yes, but combining your idea of losers face losers, you can do a "losers" match among the three.

Quote:In full team play, each team consists of only three Beybladers. To run a team tournament, the host must provide at least three WBO sanctioned stadiums, one for each team member, along with at least one voluntary judge per stadium. Members of each team will not under any circumstances face each other until the semi finals.

At each team's discretion, both opposing teams may select a teammate to battle a member of the opposing team at one of the three stadiums. All bladers from both teams launch into their respective stadiums at once. Bladers launch at the same time to prevent the handing off of combos to other team mates, thus encouraging each blader to use his/her own style in battle. As with individual tournaments, each match between members will consist of a best of five battle with an "exploding beyblade" resulting in an automatic win.

Each team member needs one win to advance to the next round. In the result of a 2-1 win among teammates, the losers from each team will battle among each other to determine who will advance. The team with two losers may decide the order in which they want their team members to battle the other team's sole loser.


Blue 1 vs. Red 1 (Red wins)
Blue 2 vs. Red 2 (Red wins)
Blue 3 vs. Red 3 (Blue wins)
--redemption battle--
Blue 2 vs. Red 3 (Blue wins)
Blue 1 vs. Red 3 (Blue wins)

Blue advances because each member managed to score a win against a member of the red team. Should red 3 had won at all, Red would have advanced. This makes it so each team is just as strong as their weakest blader.

When the winning team is determined, all three team members will participate in a round robin amongst themselves to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Because of the large amount of time it takes to process each team through battle, formats should be used for the following participant count:

Full round robin: 4-6
Double Elimination: 7-15
Single Elimination: 16

A team tournament should not take place with less than 4 teams. (Minimum twelve bladers)

That was my suggestion, for those who were wondering.
Ah. I see now. I am completely motivated for tag-team tournaments now. I see what Kai-V means. It makes total sense. I also get what your trying to tell us Deikailo, I agree with both of you, but a tag-team as Kai-V had said is easier. But Deikailo, yours can also work.
Tag teams were already executed in the past. The main problem that I will run into is my area has a boat load of teammates consisting of 3-5 players. It's weird to separate them.
They already have to go against each other when its a round robin. Or in any other type of tournament if they win they can still go against each other. As long as its not 1 person im happy Smile
I completely agree with Kai-V, I would like a Tag-Team instead of 3 because there will usually always be one that will get saved by the other two. And also, with two, its fair. Two losers go against each other then two winners and the final match.
(Apr. 23, 2011  8:48 PM)dariel360 Wrote: They already have to go against each other when its a round robin. Or in any other type of tournament if they win they can still go against each other. As long as its not 1 person im happy Smile
Oh I know that, but if the team consists of 3 people, what does the last one do? Which can be said the same for teams of 4, but I think it would cut down on the whining.

Honestly, I'd prefer solo matches, but I always like to see something interesting happen like a team tournament every so often.
I'm down for tag team if team can not be done right now. I already have a partner.
(Apr. 23, 2011  9:49 PM)Bluezee Wrote: I'm down for tag team if team can not be done right now. I already have a partner.

Same here. I just wish it gets approved when Kai-V finishes her final exams. It will seem interesting. I just have a question: Do we launch at the same time or battle in different matches?
I say there be a team leader to pick witch bladers to battle having only 2 bladers battle in a tornement is a good idea but after the first battle then use you two other bladers so everyone gets a turn
Like this

Team 1,2,3,4
Team a,b,c,d

1 vs a,2 vs b
1 win b win
Then a vs 2
A win

The battle after against another team
team a,d,c,d
Team 5,6,7,8 this time you hav to use blader you didn't before
Like c vs 7,d vs 8 then you reapet