Takara Tomy different qualities like Hasbro Quad Drive and Pro Series?

my kids love Beyblades, we have 3x Hasbro Quad Drive and 4 Pro Series Beys... the Quad Drive ones were money waste. But Pro Series Beys are just shortly on the marked and that's the reason why we now looking for the original Beys from Takara Tomy.

We read everywhere that TT Beys are the best ones... also belong to the Pro Series from Hasbro... but have TT also Bey Series in their assortment like the poor quality Quad Drive Series from Hasbro?

Because I see different kinds of boxes... some boxes are similar to the Pro Series boxes. Some boxes are wider. Some contain the lettering "GT", some not. Or have all TT Beys on the market "almost" the same or better quality like the Pro Series from Hasbro.

Buying TT Beys in Germany is not so easy... they are expensiver than pro series beys and they usually come from Asia, only a small selection could be buy from German retailers.
So I try to collect more details before I want to buy the first TT bey.

Thank you for your help!
Ok to help explain

Up until Evolution/Switchstrike the beys were extremely close to Takara Tomy in performance the only difference is just visuals and that they had a thing called slope that circle part that slides on the beyblade's takara tomy have teeth that make clicking sounds.

Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshock, Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere, Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm, Beyblade Burst QuadDrive and QuadStrike all of these differ greatly because they are no longer a close near 1:1 but heavily cheapen and modified.

Pro Series is a marketing ploy for highly marked up Takara Tomy Beyblades but under Hasbro's release, the difference between them and the original Takara Tomy from Japan is Hasbro just used cheaper materials for the Pro Series Beyblade's.

The price point hasbro has is a bit robbery, there are some specific releases that could be justified but you are better off searching for Takara Tomy products and are likely to find it cheaper but depends on your area for online and important.

You are looking for either Korean packaging which would be Young Toys that has a elephant on it for the logo or the OFFICIAL Takara Tomy logo on the box, if you see a flame logo then it is likely counterfeit which can be plagued on some stores and amazon, the beyblade wiki has a reference for counterfeit stuff:
If you want beys that are just as strong as your Pro Series ones you definitely want to get GT takara beys. I know this website does global shipping of them, but not sure how much it costs to get to germany.

No idea where you live, but gt beys are great. On amazon here in the US I got the gt joker and longinus for 8 dollars each. They are both great too.
I live in Germany. After my post I found 2 seller at ebay and bought 3 Takara Tomy Beys from Korea and China... all 3 are original and in the same quality like Hasbro. Union Achilles (GT), Judgement Joker (GT) and a silver version of Joker. And the best... cheaper than Hasbro Pro Series Beys. Thanks for your answers!