[Takara Tomy]  Hollow Ring Testing and Discussion Thread

(May. 18, 2021  5:57 AM)Hellafraid Wrote:
(May. 18, 2021  3:29 AM)Mexicantwix Wrote: Actually HLc2.Wh.Ds' 4A is actually better for same spin destabilization and yes it can beat the annoying Tempest Xt+ 2A, one flaw is that'll mess up your Ds'

How does it mess up Ds'?
Hollow will bounce around
(May. 17, 2021  10:36 PM)GiovanniM Wrote:
(May. 04, 2021  7:04 PM)BBWorkshop Wrote: Hi, (this is my first post in the forum)
My favourite combo, right now, is: "Hollow Solomon, 4A, 10, Expand, Xceed'+X".
"10, expand" is lighter than wheel but put most of the weight in the hollow striking sides.
And "Xceed'+X" gives good wheight and life after death.
I actually  run some tests with this combo and totally love it:
 So I did watch the video and tested the combo my self on the new DB stadium and it seems to be really aggressive and not hold up to the promising stamina it shows in a regular standard stadium unfortunately. My go to combo for this particular bey is Hollow Lucifer 2S Universe . This combo is really competitive as its very balanced when put correctly together.

I will try that option, sounds promising.