[Takara Tomy]  Cosmo (Gen) Testing and Discussion

(Note: As of this thread's opening, Cosmo (Gen) is banning in Burst Limited.)

Same Spin Stamina Test

Cosmo Spriggan.Outer.Orbit Gen vs Alter Chronos.Outer.Orbit
(Simultaneous launching.)
CS.outer.O Gen: 4 wins (4 OS)
aC.outer.O: 6 wins (6 OS)

Cosmo Spriggan.Outer.Orbit Gen vs Twin Nemesis.Outer.Orbit
(Simultaneous launching.)
CS.outer.O Gen: 3 wins (3 OS)
tN.outer.O: 7 wins (7 OS)
Ties: 1

Opposite Spin Test

Cosmo Spriggan.Outer.Destroy Gen vs Drain Fafnir.Outer.Destroy'
(Simultaneous launching.)
CS.outer.Ds Gen: 4 wins (4 OS)
dF.outer.Ds': 6 wins (6 OS)
Ties: 0
Notes: This matchup is probably not the most accurate given Cosmo has LAD properties, which wouldn't come up as much if both layers had used frames.

Vs Attack Test

Cosmo Spriggan.00Proof.Atomic Gen vs Twin Nemesis.Outer.Assault'
(tN launched second)
CS.00P.At Gen: 8 wins (7 OS, 1 KO)
tN.outer.assault': 2 wins (2 OS)
Ties: 0

Cosmo Spriggan.00Proof.Atomic Gen vs Z Achilles.00Bump.Xtreme'
(tN launched second)
CS.00P.At Gen: 6 wins (6 OS)
zA.00B.X': 4 wins (1 OS, 3 KO)
Ties: 0

Y'know I previous said Cosmo might be overpowered, but honestly trying it I can't tell. It would be better than Grand, Ace, Rock, and Bushin, but not overpowered, maybe? It loses in same spin tests like all the GT layer bases using Gen, but in actual performance against mixed and KO attack, it wins. It makes sense given Cosmo is extremely round to beat attack, but beating mixed attack seems sort of weird.
Well it's basically Outer doesn't have that much LAD as 00Expand, try testing this new combo I came up with. The combo is Cosmo Valkyrie 00Expand Destroy' Sen, which is one of the safest combos in my opinion. If you have all of the parts, then test it against opposite spin again, and see what results you can come up. I can't come up with evidence because I don't have Drain Fafnir, nor Outer.
I really liked Cosmo after I got it, and it’s basically a perfect circle on the underside. It’s contact points are somewhat rounded and curved so it’s good for defense. I like the setup Cosmo dragon 2 0 expand wave’ gen because the multiple layers of the wave driver, expand frame, and Cosmo base underside provide 5 extra spins after it touches the floor and the layers can help defend and recover from attacks. Cosmo on any setup however isn’t the best against stamina setups, it’s more suited against right defense and attack setups as well as OSing some left atomic setups