[Sydney, Australia] Sydney Bladers - LETS HAVE ANOTHER (Possible Tournament)

Greetings Sydney Bladers, I've noticed beyblade has begun to die out in this area so I want to bring it back with a standard format tournament. It's been a while since we've had a tournement, way too long so I want to gain as much interest in one as possible so we can let one go through!
I have got a few interested bladers within my amazing as fawk community, but is still not enough so if you are interested please leave a message below and I will add you to the list of confirmed epic amazing members!

If you have been to pervious bey-tournaments, please feel free to contribute to suitable locations that you like, but by default, I plan to hold the tournament in Burwood park as I had remembered.

Confirmed members:
Do you have a tentative date for a tournament ? Considering the state of Australia, I could send Invites on the map to all the Bladers near Sydney in advance, to see if they are interested.
Sydney Mini Maker Faire is on August 16-17 at the Powerhouse Museum. Could be a good venue (the courtyard) as there'll be hundreds of like-minded people hanging around. There's parking nearby and parents might even enjoy the faire itself, being a weekend. But whatever is good.

I can supply extra Beyblade parts for people who don't have any themselves, if that helps get new guys involved. Can also bring along some Silver Tops for a showcase, if anyone wants to see them up close.
Sorry to reply 2 MONTHS LATE. I've been VERY pre-occupied with school, social life and projects that I completely forgot about my request to hold a tourney >.>
If anyone is still interested, I'd set the tourney date to the 5th of October on a Sunday at around 12pm at Burwood Park.
i want to make a tournament email me at steelmotionpictures@gmail.com or just reply to this thread if ur interested
It's probably too late now but if it's still possible a tournament would be awesome right about now, it's been a while since I've had a good competitive battle.
Hey my brother and I would love to enter if it is alright with my mum I will get my friend to reply