[Sydney, Australia] April holidays tournament!

Can i modify my bbs on the day like at the tourney (If i come)
yes, but not during battle but in between battles with others you can.
im very sure im goin can u put me on maybe just in case and is this jan tourn or april? because people r talkin about jan
I was referring to the one in January.
Soz not coming

U beat me u'll be on the revenge list[/quote]
yeah yeah are there any bladers in newcastle?
Hey RayKon, Put me as a maybe, i was supposed to go to the tourney in burwood 2day, but my dad had work so i couldn't come, I'm hoping its on a Saturday or Sunday, cuz then there's more of a chance I'll come Wink
hey guys i cant make it to any tourneys that arent in the holidays so can u plz make one in the hols nd keep it there thnx
sign me up
im preety sure i got moved to last month lol but the is a thred for march
hey guys im coming to this but can some one tell me dates???
like for the one in april
i think were not doing that one any more
(Feb. 11, 2011  11:59 AM)Damian Wrote: i think were not doing that one any more
okay damn id like to go but okay if there isnt one thats alright
count me in why are there so much threads
I would come up to attened
Geez guys stop posting in this thread saying you want to come. The tournament was helsd in January and it's over. There is a thread for a tournament in March but Raykon's M.I.A. right now so we have no idea if it's even going to go on or not.
can i go
there is no tourneys available except mine at the moment Raykon is in hospital so this is a no go and a the march one is off mine is the only one now
IDK?? probably some thing IDK ask Raykon?
How can I ask him if hes in hospital?
PM come on Bakers dozen