[Surabaya] [29 May 11] FIGHT CLUB: Bey Day Event

You know of him, but never battled him before. You should get ready for his attack-type style. I barely won against him last time for choosing the wrong bey (A very close win for my part, thanks to GB145).

This should be interesting to watch. akira2002 vs. t.riobs

I will definitely lend him some of my parts to make things interesting. Anyway PM me if you have questions.
(May. 09, 2011  1:30 PM)Deikailo Wrote: Good job, you guys. Smile Best of luck to ya!

Thank you very much. Best of luck to you to in all your tourneys. I hope you win lots of battles!
im in, me, my bros, and one of my friends, but i may not be able to come, Uwik, ill PM u if i really can k
Helloooo akira.....c u on 29th, join me in
Make me a maybe.
BTW can you make another one on jakarta?
This event is in Surabaya. Are you guys really planning on flying over to Surabaya to attend?
Good news: Nitrodamuz might be planning on flying over to Surabaya all the way from Jakarta to attend. If he comes, he will bring a few items from his shop. Maximum series, rares, and limiteds will be for sale during the tournament. So, you guys (participants) will have the chance to buy from him either for battling or collection.
(May. 10, 2011  3:05 PM)Shika blade Wrote: Make me a maybe.
BTW can you make another one on jakarta?

I'm sorry, it would not be possible for me to organize a wbo tournament in Jakarta.
Yep. Still discussing this trip with my wife. Haha.
OP updated with graphic. And yes, it's the so-called Lightning Tank, all busted up.
Let's make it real, make it the worst day for beyblade, they will torn apart, battling for honor and glory

Uwik : one word ....AWESOME
hey make me a maybe
BTW may i use my recolor?
Sure, as long as it does not affect performance, but I'd have to see it first to confirm. By the way, what city are you located in?
sadly im in jakarta but my aunt say she can take me,and maybe not
ultimatezz men is added to the list. Good luck.
99% it will reallocated, beyond our expectation
It's really hard to tell looking from your pictures. But generally, the coloring of tracks and bottoms are not recommended. I'm really sorry, but I'd have to say no to the track + bottom. The rest of the bey (metal + clear wheel) seems alright. The beylauncher is a definite no. The launcher grip is OK.

Next time, just PM me the links for the images. There's no need to derail the thread, OK? Smile
I will definitely come with my beyspirit, and win this hahahaha
OP updated with a new location.

I have secured a new venue to accommodate the participants. It is located @ Waterplace apartments (Swimming pool area - look for the gazebo-like structure in the center). Don't forget, it's not waterpark swimming pool, it's WATERPLACE.
for your information TT hong lee is fake maybe ill be there if there is a tournament in jakarta ill definetely join
blader indonesia FTW rekrut member WBO!
Yes, thank you. Although, most are already aware that TT Hong Lee makes fake beys. I don't think I'll ever organize a tournament in Jakarta. It's simply too far.
Well, I was thinking of organizing a tournament in Tangerang (not far from Jakarta) because that's where I live, but my parents disagree (and it's too late to propose an event for Beydays 2011 now, I think).

FYI, it's spelled "TT Hongli" not "TT Hong Lee", and it really makes fake beys (and so does GG).
I want to follow the competition i got. This message. From xo on from patrickgo to uwik
(May. 23, 2011  1:49 PM)patrickgo46 Wrote: I want to follow the competition i got. This message. From nitrodamuz from patrickgo to uwik

And my brother also follow the competition. His name is jovant. Thank you
Hello friend, Got one blader wanna join the tournament. He is new to WBO. thanks.

welcome aboard patrick. please read page 1 for complete information of the tournament. Grin Please ask jovant to make an ID as well.