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Full Version: [Surabaya] [29 May 11] FIGHT CLUB: Bey Day Event
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[Image: FIghtClubWBO.jpg]

Date: 29th May 2011 (Bey Day Event)

Time: Arrive @ 12 noon sharp for registrations, introductions, rules overview, free play, sales/purchases
The tournament will begin @ 1:00 pm WIB - until finished
Location: Waterplace, Surabaya, Indonesia (At the swimming pool area)
Prizes: Collectible cards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. (Can be used with 3-segment launchers). I will also give away cards for participants.
These are it (Click to View)
Format: Standard WBO format (Standard Round Robin)
Entrance fees: FREE (since it's Beyday event)
Confirmed Attendees:

1st Place : Uwik
2nd Place : gosieksan
3rd Place : lightning angel

Some photos:
Group Picture
Explaining the rules:
Free play 1:
Free play 2:
Battle 1:
Battle 2:
Battle 3:
Battle 4:
Battle 5:
Battle 6:
Battle 7:
Battle 8:
Battle 9:
Battle 10:
Battle 11:
Battle 12:
Adding up the numbers for total win/loss :
confirmed, i'll be there
cant wait to join the official WBO tournament here in my home town

c u guys on 29
There are 3 TT attack stadiums guys. But if you guys want to bring another one, it will be great.
I will be selling my excess accessories as well, so bring your wallets Smile
Finally, official tournament here in Indonesia

Definetely coming, sign me up guys

See yaaaaaa
(May. 07, 2011  9:18 AM)emily2000 Wrote: [ -> ]Finally, official tournament here in Indonesia

Definetely coming, sign me up guys

See yaaaaaa

Glad to have you on board! Never had the chance to battle you before, I'm very looking forward to this. Smile
I'm in
(May. 07, 2011  12:18 PM)Guen Wrote: [ -> ]I'm in

I already listed you before your post. hah

Don't forget to bring your wallet Wink
i'm in
(May. 07, 2011  1:48 PM)bankaiman Wrote: [ -> ]i'm in

Great! If more people join in, I might change the rule to Block Round Robin. It should run for 2 hours maybe?
how to play block round robin?
(May. 07, 2011  1:57 PM)bankaiman Wrote: [ -> ]how to play block round robin?

Read this:

But basically, everybody is divided into groups, and the battle each other within the group, and the player with the most wins of each group move on etc.
i'm definitely coming! My brothers too!
lightning angel added to the list.
i'm derrick sign me in!
Great! ghost devil is added to the list.
count me in StupidTongue_out_wink
(May. 07, 2011  6:48 PM)Jep Wrote: [ -> ]count me in StupidTongue_out_wink

Added to the list. You can help judge as usual right?
(May. 08, 2011  3:20 PM)Marcell e Wrote: [ -> ]Tongue_out_wink

Marcell e, you need to actually post a sentence whether you're in or not. But, I've heard about you and your coming to the tournament, and very much looking forward to having a battle with you.
Long way to 29, can't help my self, my adrenalin pumped already
Good job, you guys. Smile Best of luck to ya!
I'm in
(May. 10, 2011  6:33 AM)t.riobs Wrote: [ -> ]I'm in

Great! You're added to the list.
Who is t.riobs
Do I know him/her
Spin, spin, spin .... (Lightning McQueen version in beyblade world)
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