Storing Your Beys?

I got a huge collection of Beys that I got from Buyee, I would like to have these in a nice organized box with slots of some sorts?

How do you store your Beys?
I store them inside my bey stadium lmao
For tournaments, I recommend using HOME4 Double-Sided No BPA Toy Display Storage Container Box on Amazon (I would post a link but I'm not sure if that is allowed and I use the blue version). It's $40 so have your parent/guardian buy it if you're younger. It can't fit TT launchers but is suitable for storing extra/spare parts and competitive combos. Although if you just want to keep them in a case for at-home purposes, then just use some small bin (probably a 12inx6inx6in size, that fits at least 40 Beyblades) or a spare stadium.