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Full Version: Storing Your Beys?
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I got a huge collection of Beys that I got from Buyee, I would like to have these in a nice organized box with slots of some sorts?

How do you store your Beys?
I store them inside my bey stadium lmao
For tournaments, I recommend using HOME4 Double-Sided No BPA Toy Display Storage Container Box on Amazon (I would post a link but I'm not sure if that is allowed and I use the blue version). It's $40 so have your parent/guardian buy it if you're younger. It can't fit TT launchers but is suitable for storing extra/spare parts and competitive combos. Although if you just want to keep them in a case for at-home purposes, then just use some small bin (probably a 12inx6inx6in size, that fits at least 40 Beyblades) or a spare stadium.
Tackle box is your friend for loose parts. I just use a plastic tub for most of my beys.

I don't like storing them in the stadium because all the weight and sharp edges can push dents into it over time. Granted stadiums are going to get thrashed but the longer they stay in shape the better.
I have some plastic shoeboxes that I store everything in. I use one for the beys & 1 for the launchers. Stadium boxes hold all my opened boxes, and any bey that I haven't opened yet is usually stored in one of my stadiums.
I recommend storing Beyblades in tackle boxes or the official Beyblade cases.
I have my entire collection sorted into tacklebox trays, I think I have about 40 of em all sorted out with parts and stuff. Very easy way to sort everything
(Apr. 28, 2023  10:14 PM)BladerOwl Wrote: [ -> ]I recommend storing Beyblades in tackle boxes or the official Beyblade cases.

The HMS Customize Case was one of the coolest things to come out of that line. It's just a shame that wear-parts like the Bit Protector weren't really replaceable in the way that MFB's Facebolts were, as disassembling and reassembling the bey would eventually wear it out. If that problem could be solved, then I'd love to see something like that make a comeback.