Sticker Sheets Scans!

hey guys do u think you guys have any sticker sheets for z Achilles, since i lost the original stickers cause i forgot to put them on
Any chance anyone has the sticker sheet for metal draciel? Cant find this one anywhere!
(Aug. 16, 2021  12:05 AM)8-Bit Wolf Wrote:
(Feb. 16, 2009  3:41 PM)Giga Wrote:
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List of sticker sheets posted:

***Links are broken

when will they be restored
Wouldn't it be possible to get some space like e.g. Dropbox or something similar to upload and store sticker sheets? It's a pain to see all the sticker sheets uploaded to weird image hosting websites gone by now...
Meteo L-Drago stickers anyone? I need to replace my facebolt sticker. If you do have one, please scan it. Thx.
Does anyone have a First Uranus sticker sheet scan. Thanks!