Well, I know there's a lot of stadiums and carp out there, and that each one's different. So just kinda, post your favourite stadiums you have, reccomend, dream, whatever haha.

Well, I've got one of those fake takara-style stadiums you can get off eBay in a pack of green and blue. Despite it being fake, I love this thing! It's really deep and steep, attack-style battles are so much fun in this thing.
I have the Hasbro clear, portable and (can't remember the name, it's really big and flat, with a bump in the center). The 2 normal ones are ok, the clear being the better. I don't really like the portable, it's the only stadium where my blade pretty much always bounces out when I launch it. When it DOESN'T bounce tho, it's ok.
My final stadium is the Takara Ultimate Stadium. Damn, this thing's amazing. The spinning center makes it a lot more on-edge, and the gates make battles much more exciting! Freaking awesome.
A lot of the fake stadiums are cool actually. There's some giant one in the UK that I'd still like to get, haha.

Tornado Attack is my favourite ... will never forget the day my mom threw out my limited edition black Tornado Attack ... Speechless

Tornado Balance is my second favourite, and TBTS is third. No Tornado Ridge, no go for me.
I also like the Tornado Attack stadium. I have two other Takara stadiums, but I haven't removed them form their bagging yet so I'll need to try those out sometime.

I also like the mobile stadium the most followed by the Dragoon Hurricane one for Hasbro.
I had my Spinblaster stadium (Hasbro) for quite some time now, and just a while ago have I noticed that it's a decent stadium, compared to my horrible Cyber Draciel Stadium X_X
yeah the spin blaster was as good as hasbro got

except my unexplainable love for the hms stadium
Did like Tornado Attack.

But I discovered my dad threw it out a while ago...but not my Dragoon Hurricane? I don't know, haha.

My buddy has an old firepit dish thing that we steelwool'd all the dirt and ash off of. It's giant, six HMS in it is insane, haha.
Tamer Brad Wrote:There's some giant one in the UK that I'd still like to get, haha.
Methinks that might be the large version of my fake haha. I keep meaning to try and get that.
Anyone else heard of/seen the Bey Tournament Dome takara stadium? CRRRAAAAZYYYY
Yeah, I've seen it, it's kinda dumb IMO. But I don't really like the Beyultimate either.

Tornado Attack was definitely the best, everything just moved perfectly. Attack types were vicious but the other types worked well too. I wish they had re-released it in thicker plastic for HMS.