[Sri Lanka] All Sri Lankan Bladers check in here - Possible Tournament!

Hey WBO, as some of you know I'm Omega, I am from Melbourne Australia, and I have hosted a few tournaments in the past and will host more in the future.

I recently thought about hosting tournaments across the world in countries that don't have the opportunity of having one. Every year I go overseas once or twice, so I'd like to host a tournament in a few different countries, depending on where I go.

This December I will be going Sri Lanka, Colombo to be precise, with BeyKid (WBO member, and my cousin, now known as Quetz) and my family. I just want to know if there is any bladers who live in Sri Lanka and would be interested in a tournament, I have PM'd a couple of people who I assume live in Sri Lanka.

If we get enough people, I'll be sure to host a tournament Joyful_3. Though I'm note sure if there is enough, which is why I'm creating this thread, haha.

- Thanks.

Possible Attendees:
Quetz (Formerly BeyKid)
Ranul96 (And few friends)
Blader K.D.D (And few friends)
Silver Knight
Tiger Hero
storm ginga
3 More unregistered members

Please confirm here if you live in Sri Lanka, or could make it down!

Quetz and myself will be arriving the in the country on the 23rd of December, and will be staying until sometime in January. For now there is no specific date for a meet up since we need to find more people.
Hopefully we get more people Smile Will be a good experience. If we don't we might be able to have a fun unofficial battle
So far Ranul96 and Blader K.D.D have responded saying that they can bring a few friends if I go through with this tournament. We have about 8 or so that can come, but it would be great if more people could come.

Please let me know if you would be able to come if I held this tournament.
im Ranul 96's friend so aim attending but when is it? is it after the 15? cause i have skwl...plus my Bey's are still in london...Hi Ranul Tongue_out
ohh and were is it?
It will be AFTER the 23rd of December, if I pull it off.
We are going on holiday in december so my dad said to give a specific date... so he can book the plans for holiz Uncertain
It would me great if the battle was sometime at the end of december since then we would be back... so yeah...
It might be early January, I want it to be after Christmas. Once BEY INFERNO (The upcoming Melbourne tournament) is over, I'll look further into this and probably propose an official tournament.
Good thanx man lookin forward in meeting you... "Omega" what's your real name?
I will bring about 6 or 7 friends with me including ranul96 Smile
Dude Dec is ending and we still have no date...
iam available for the next 4 day's that's it plz give specific date... we need one
okay my attendance to the battle is no longer possible since school starts tomorrow
(Jan. 04, 2011  2:46 AM)Winterdunkz Wrote: okay my attendance to the battle is no longer possible since school starts tomorrow
I wouldn't exactly recall this as early January. I'm sure Omega might not do this.
Also, please refrain from continuously posting things such as "...". It's actually SPAM.
Sorry we couldn't do this, we didn't get enough responses.


"tournament in srilanka when will it take place?,what bey should i use there?,what launcher set up is good?" all this is in my mind keeps talking to me. you may think i am mad but no i... i .. i really want a tournament to take place in srilanka. but i have no one to tell this hope you guys will understand . there are no beybladers here in srilanka only like 35% of people know what beyblade is but out of that 35% only 11% of people like beyblade but out of that 11% only 2% are interested in beyblade.and out of that 2% i am one. there is no one who will understand what i mean except my parents but what can they do...... and i have friends who like beyblade still they are too busy with there studying ....... anyway i cannot buy a bladder passport but anyone of you guys have a beyblade tournament in srilanka i would be so happy and greatfull to the person that held it ...... hope you understand what i am going through ......... thanks anyway for listening !
(Jun. 06, 2012  10:24 AM)wishwere Wrote: man am i the only active srilankan wbo member ?

No you are not, if you ever find a tournament in Colombo, tell me.
alright so i noticed there have been some recent posts on this thread ^^ and I was kinda sorta bored and I was looking for a few battles! butt apparently theres no one in my neighborhood that follows beyblade, so yeah! and if anyones planning a tournament let me know ^^ heh! and if anyones from kandy, CONTACT ME ASAP! IMMA HUNT YOU DOWN AND BATTLE YOU. anywayy! going off topic! tournaments? hit me up Smile live in kandy sixteen years old ^^ I'd battle anyonee! pfft! gear- Gravity Destroyer 125B
Ice Blue Burn phoenix FGrin
Blue Wing Big Bang Pegasus 95S
L Drago Destructor 85MS
Dark Wolf AD145F
Vulcan Horuseus 145RF
arg! dunno why i said thaat! but for anyone of you out there hit me up! ASAP! heh! you can facebook me or whatever just pm me first cuz i don't add peeps i don't know Tired facebook--> iamtharindu@gmx.com (skywarriortman) orr mail me ---> tmanwithblastoise@gmail.com
tell me all about the tourney
cuz im interested