Spriggan requiem's teeth.

Please tell me if there's any way by which I can prevent wear down of Spriggan requiems teeth I just a purchased a new Sr and I don't want to weaken it's teeth so any suggestions?
Suggestion: Do not use it.

Seriously though, all Bey teeth wear down, even when using weak-springed drivers. Deal with it. Unhappy
all beyblade parts will wear down over time. even if you find a way to stop the teeth wearing down, the layer will still be slightly scratched and dented from battles. if you really need to have a perfect condition spriggan, buy another one for collection/display and use the other one for battles
Sr doesn't really wear down, I remember teeth wear being really overblown back then (because legend Spriggan basically stopped having teeth after a few battles) so people thought it'd because of the LR gimmick. It isn't, you're fine.
well it might wear down Over time.

because i saw a blader use spriggan requiem stock and the teeth did not wear down

but it might break or wear down over time