[Somewhere in UK] Team Element

Also i like banner 1 and team element would look very nice printed on the front Grin
Coolio Grin I'll look into it soonish.
Nationsbeyblade has been bugging me for ages XD

New banner!
New name!
[Image: 375130_369952799790668_1188281907_n.jpg]
I'm a bit rusty, hope you guys like it!
I love the banner it looks cool! nice job let me gues are you a GFX artist?
WBO GFX champion Grin
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we finaly has a name
Where abouts is this team based in the UK or is it just general UK?

What do you do as a team, meet ups and stuff?
The Uk squad of team soaring pheonix proposes an alliance with you people. Do you accept -
If you do then Team Soaring Pheonix will need info about the tournaments that people from your team are going to.
sorry for the late replies ...
lowen93 - General UK. And we do sometimes do 'meet ups and stuff' Grin
@jacolal - No ... there is no point in alliance's.