Slingshock for the Knockout: Takara Tomy Bursts Onto Hasbro's Turf Tournament Report

Hey everybody! On July 2nd of 2022, the Washington Community had a really cool Tournament called Slingshock for the Knockout: Takara Tomy Bursts Onto Hasbro's Turf, we were originally going to be using Hasbro Stadiums but we couldn't because of personal issues. But in this Tournament Report, I'll be telling the Amazing Story of Slingshock for the Knockout: Takara Tomy Bursts Onto Hasbro's Turf.

Well, I did not have a good morning, I was preparing for the tournament while being super stressed because we had Guests staying for the week and my Dad said that might affect me going to the Tournament, I love how we prepared this for the past 3 months and he decides to tell me on the day of the Tournament. Thanks, Dad. And he chose to have breakfast right when we were leaving for the tournament so I had to push the Tournament to start at 12:45 instead of 12:30 since we were definitely going to be late. He eventually ended up taking me but when we got there, most of the people were already there and Zektor helped set up and situate people while I got there. Thanks, Dad. You are the best. For registration, I walked around asking people what their Username was and we had a lot of kids there. Me, Zektor, Plot Armor, Cvie, and Xorn were all Judges and they personally helped me a lot throughout this Tournament. Thanks a bunch to them! So we were kinda running late since I was rushing to do Challonge with my Phone that has almost No Data. Yay, fun. We started the event at around 1 and Me, Zektor, and the other Judges got together to talk about the rules and what we were going to do and then we were ready. We had 14 Players so instead of Swiss, we had to do Group Round Robin and since their was an uneven amount of Bladers we had some byes but that didn't really stop us. So, the Tournament started along with the First Round.

In the First Round, I didn't battle since I didn't have an opponent but I went around judging and it was pretty fun. I met a lot of New Players and kids that were really cool and had a lot of Very Interesting Combos. But I don't really remember anything super eventful happening in the First Round especially since I didn't get to battle so in about 8 Minutes we moved on to the 2nd Round. May I add that we had an Amazing Time on this Tournament? Every round lasted at the longest probably 10 minutes then we'd be moving onto the Second Round. It was not as long as I was expecting. Anyways, I was battling Prime564 in the Second Round and I was pretty confident since I was going in with my Dynamite+F Valkyrie1 Over High Xtend+'-0. He used Dynamite+F Ragnaruk Giga Metal Destroy and let me tell you, I almost died of fear because I almost lost this match. It kept hitting it and Dynamite Valkyrie got knocked around and lost to 2 OS's and then I Os'd it twice and then, in the end, Dynamite Valkyrie barely won with an OS. This battle literally scared me, he put a Good Game and I almost lost. So I was at 1 Win and 0 Loses. After this, Zektor let me borrow his Power Launcher which really helped during the tournament. Thanks, Zektor! I've also lived up to my name, Plot Armor was looking for me but couldn't find me but then he realized that I was right in front of him then I truly became Unseen. We advanced to the 3rd Round pretty quickly so far, I was at 1 Win and 0 Loses so far.

The 3rd Round was mean to me. I had to face Zektor. We had to put off the match for a bit since a lot of the Judges were battling at the same time but I surprisingly did pretty well against him. It was 2-2 I think but his combo barely Outspun mine. I have a Serious score to settle with Zektor and when the Invitationals come up, I will get my revenge and beat everybody who beat me lol. Zektor was really good and we got some close ones, everybody knew this was serious because when I announced me and Zektor were battling, everybody started going oooo. I lost but I personally feel like I did pretty well against him. The Parents in our community are really kind and supportive, when I was trying to get everybody's attention, they helped by getting others around them to pay attention and cheered on all the kids, not just their own. I can't remember which round this was but One Kid who was competing was really nice and when he saw that his opponent messed up his Launch he asked if I could call it a Re Launch which I was already planning on doing but seeing how much this kid cared for his opponent was really heart warming. He ended up winning anyways but he was a Good Sport about it. I really liked that. 3rd Round I won 3-0 making my win-to-lose ratio now 2 Wins and 1 Loss. At this point I was kinda worried because if I kept going like this, I wasn't going to make the Finals.

In the 5th Round, I had to go up against Xorn, and I defeated Xorn before twice in Spinless in Seattle so that meant he was out for revenge and oh the revenge he got. He used Prominence Spriggan on Moment which was really good and even though it was really close and it was 2-2, in the end I barely lost because of an OS and that was because I forgot to use my Power DB Launcher and used my Pro Series Winder which was kinda embarrassing. I was at 2 Wins and 2 Losses so right now it seemed like the Finals were impossible to make. But I was able to win my 6th and 7th Round Battles, they were really fun and I ended with 4-2 which wasn't bad in my personal opinion but I wasn't making it to the Finals compared to what others scored. In the 7th Round, Zektor and Xorn battled and it was a really close battle but Zektor ended up winning in the end and that was really fun and cool to see. The Final Four (We were doing Group Round Robin so it of course was going to only have 4 Finalists) was Zektor, Xorn, Plot Armor, and Cvie. The Final Four Matches were Zektor Vs. Xorn and Plot Armor Vs. Cvie. 

The Finals were really cool and everybody had really cool Combos and the Matches took about 25 minutes which was the longest we did a Round for but it was the Finals and we already got through most of the Tournament. Plot Armor had a lot of Attack Combos along with Xorn while Zektor and Cvie played it chill with LAD Combos. Zektor battled Xorn and the coolest thing ever happened, Both Xorn and Zektor's combos after being Launched were going really fast, especially for LAD Combos and they slammed into each other then the Prominence Armor ricocheted off the wall and Prominence Spriggan and the Armor both crushed Zektor's Combos from both sides which were just so straight-up cool. That's how Xorn won his Match and I was tempted to give him extra points for the Prominence Stinger Press move. That was sick. Plot Armor used Rage Helios2 on Ad+V which was really interesting to see and it KO'd really well and had pretty good Attack and okay LAD. We all had a good laugh when Zektor got Prominence Stinger Press'd when he said "Can I get a Re Launch?" That is the Signature Quote for this Tournament. I can't really remember anything really from Zektor Vs. Cvie for 3rd Place, all I know is that Zektor stole the win for that. The Finals was Plot Armor Vs. Xorn and both of them put up a Pretty Good Fight with their Attack Combos and it took us around 10 Minutes just to finish this match. They were both really good and experienced Bladers and it was 4-4 but with some Powerful KO's, in the end, Plot Armor took the win. He played his Epic Dragon Ball Z Opening Music during this match and it really just lit the tension. Plot Armor won the 30$ and the Main Quote for this Tournament was "I encouraged Adults and Children to fight over Spinny Top Money." After everybody left, Me and Zektor had a chill chat by ourselves while we waited to leave for a bit. And the Tournament concluded.

I didn't really care that I didn't make Finals, everybody had really good Combinations and really good Strategies that were hard to beat. The Library asked me since I put the event together if I was interested in starting a Beyblade Program at the Library and Me and my Parents am thinking it over right now but overall it was a really fun tournament and I saw a lot of people and met a lot of New Friends and the Parents were very nice and encouraging and said I did a really good job doing the Tournament and they said that they'd definitely be interested in bringing their kids to the Team Tournament at the end of this month. There weren't really any downsides to this tournament, it ran smoothly and nothing really went wrong. Only thing I can think of that it was a bit hot but that's just a Minor Nitpick. This went really well for my First Tournament and I have to thank all my judges for helping me through this and I hope that I will see everybody at the Team Tournament. I had a lot of fun but needed a rest after all that fun. I'm proud of my Judge Friends that helped me through this, I would've never been able to get through this without them. Thanks everybody for coming and I hope to see you in the Next One!
Wow Zektor with the "can i get a miss launch"again.I beleve he did that on the 18th or 19th after he lost the match.Classic
It was so much fun at this tournament

Also I didnt use Giga I use over