Silver Spring Tournament Report: Yami Tournament Episode 4: A New Bey Hope

I hope my first report goes well! Well here I go!

I saw a lot of different combos! As well as some older God Layers like Twin Nemesis! Something that really carried people in to the top 8 was Hell Salamander. I know Hitashi used hS.10G.At to get through to the top 8. And I also know that Lushen <<Axeed>> suffered a 1 win 4 loss record from losing to 4 hS’. crusher used Twin Noctemis to go to the top 8. 

The tournament was decently run. We had a kid wander from his party and accidentally step on stadiums. 

hS was definitely a trend! I went against 2 of them! I beat them both. I didn’t see too much of any one thing besides hS.

In free play the only thing bad that happened was that some yelled a curse word.

In the first round things were pretty smooth.

In the second round, one of the people that I was refereeing was using an illegal tournament launcher so when I told him, him and his friends started yelling saying that there were no differences in the launchers. This took a while so Yami inspected the launcher and gave him a new one. He kept on trying to use it through out the tournament so I stopped him since he always ended up at my stadium.

In the third and fourth rounds nothing happened.

In the fifth round there was a difficult call that cost me the match. (I’ll explain more in the matches section later.)

 My Matches coming soon.

My Matches! (I used one combo in all 5 matches)
Round 1: I was against darkblader. dark used sR3.6S.Tw and I won 3or4-0.

Round 2: I was against gray kurokin and this battle was pretty intense. Not by the battles but by our last battle when I won he wanted a rematch so he got it and lost again 3-0. I think he used Sr3.??.Br

Round 3: I was against Hyper xeno and this battle was intense physically and mentally, physically because it was really close, and mentally because I heard he was pretty good and he proved so. He was rocking hS.St.Br and the match played out like this: Survivor to CB. Survivor to CB. Survivor finish to HX. Survivor finish to HX. Tie. Tie. Tie. Tie. Tie. And finally survivor finish to CB. The survivor finish was sooooo close! I won by an eighth of a spin! No joke! I won 3-0.

Round 4: I was against Isaias08 and I beat his hS.?W.Br with two bursts. I won 4-0.

Round 5: I was against Yami and he was trying new things and used czV.Rt.Qs. The match played out like this: Burst to Yami, Survivor to CB, close burst which could’ve been seen as a tie so tie, KO for Yami. That difficult call cost me the match so I lost 3-1.

Deck Format
Quarterfinals: I was against crusher who used tN.2.J and aB.2B.At and won 5-0 with pP.

Semifinals: I got trapped by Hyper’s deck and lost 2-5. But there seemed to be a warp in the stadium.

3rd Place Match: I was against Yami again and lost 6-1 because I Switched to same spin unknowingly and my Bey sucks in same spin so I got shrekt by cR.??.Ds’. 

Overall I think I did great for a second tournament! If you went to this tournament what were your thoughts on it?
I used 10 and Salamander is god
Cheeto, there was reasonable doubt on that fifth match double burst order. Please don't make this a thing. Call it a difficult call if you must, but don't label it bad.
(May. 30, 2019  1:19 AM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: Cheeto, there was reasonable doubt on that fifth match double burst order. Please don't make this a thing. Call it a difficult call if you must, but don't label it bad.

Sorry! I’m just a little upset and worried!
I think the tournament was a fun and calm environment. There was one person who expressed their hatred for left-spin beyblades and I got a good laugh. The current meta is boring, but that does not take away from the experience. Participants were also really helpful to each other. Overall this was a great tournament
The current meta is incredibly boring and samey, but hey, tournaments are always fun.

Classic is where it's at for me.
My Matches are up!