[Silver Spring, MD] 03/25/12 - Cherry Blossom Combat


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Cherry Blossom Combat

Hi everyone! This is the official thread for Cherry Blossom Combat - 2012's first outdoor tournament in Martin Luther King Jr. Park - on Sunday, March 25.

The Annual DC Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off on this week, and the current prediction is that the peak bloom will begin on the day of the tournament! So for all you out of towners who are considering coming down to catch the cherry blossoms - this is the time to do it! Smile

Map of MLK Park

Location: The closest address to put in your GPS is 1098 Jackson Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20904, but be sure to look at the map above for the actual location of the tournament which will be beside the pavilion (just above the basketball courts)
Registration: 11:00am - Noon
Start time: Noon-thirty Wink
Format: TBD depending on number of bladers
Surface: Grass!
Fees: Standard WBO fees ($5 entry fee or free with a Blader Passport)
Prizes: TakaraTomy beys (TBD)

Please post to this thread if you plan to make it!

Confirmed attendees:
  1. Arupaeo
  2. Burn Rock Virgo
  3. Tech
  4. J o n
  5. Galaxy4Stars
  6. Katsuya
  7. Ryugablader
  8. Laseryon
  9. night wing 247
  10. BigBang4ever
  11. BillyBlast
  12. Breaker
  13. nerfblader721
  14. SonikkuBey
  15. BeyDestroyer21
  16. N3AR
  17. DAJ
  18. myjuto
  19. PanthroThunderSon1
  20. PanthroThunderSon2
  21. varekaii
  22. beydoc123450
  23. BlitzCyber0
  24. susanow1313
  25. geetster99
  26. Green_blader_12

  1. ©oke
  2. fangleone12321
  3. stormpegasus123
  4. shadow x 9365
  5. Ethan H
  7. dannysma
  8. Blader Stefan
  9. Ga'Hooleone
  10. shadowblader998
  11. aj_the_elite
  12. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
  14. Evolutionblade
  15. Jackychan
  16. drakio
I probably will be able to come but i am still not 100 percent
Lookin forward to meetin u guys tomorrow my boys are excited
Breaker Retired
I might be late tomorrow.
BlitzCyber0 Retired
I can go!!! Please remember to bring the Light Launcher 2.

i might go
susanow1313 Retired
I will be there....susanow1313 Stupid
Arupaeo Retired
(Mar. 23, 2012  9:43 PM)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Wrote: I hate to ask this, but what is likely to be the latest that this event would be able to finish by assuming everyone on the maybe and confirmed lists attend and participate?

Around 5pm at the very latest - if everyone on both lists come. Which they wont...

(Mar. 23, 2012  11:42 PM)Cool Blader Wrote: Man can,t come:-(

Sorry to hear that man!
BeyDestroyer21 Retired
Yes yahoo were back in pavilion and i can still come!!! Wink Can't wait till tomorrow!!! Wink WinkWink
i cant come. Have a nice time everyone
hey i know its been a long time but im back and i can come tomarrow Smile
Wish you guys luck tomorrow! My b-day party is tomorrow but i wish i could spend it there! to bad i live in Kentucky Crying
Oh well! do you mind making some videos of it? I want to see the competition! Wish you all the best of luck!
Jackychan Retired
Put me up on possible list Grin
Green_blader_12 Retired
count me in
drakio Retired
Can't go, but have fun guys, and tear up that bb10, XD
(Mar. 25, 2012  5:49 AM)drakio Wrote: Can't go, but have fun guys, and tear up that bb10, XD
-Uses All S Tip- Demo the Stadium! Well i can't wait this may be my last Tournament....for the whole Spring section

@Arupaeo is it at the recreational park? im trying getting directions right now
Arupaeo Retired
Yes, its in the recreational park.

Check the OP please. I give both an address to use in your GPS as well as written description of the tournament site that is relevant to the embedded Google map link.
SirAfro Retired
I will be their with Breaker Grin
Mike451 Retired
i might come
Nearr Retired
Arupaeo, what time r u going to be at the part?
(Mar. 04, 2012  4:23 PM)night wing 247 Wrote: nightwing is in
dude no you are not I Have the best beyblades and I could kick your bey-toosh how old are you i'm 10 Smug

Nearr Retired
Who won and what were the prizes?
Hov Retired
I'm pissed right now. Arupaeo got his stuff stolen; I heard his omega is gone, his grip and everything thing. All that money down to the drain. Whoever has his stuff, stop playing hide and seek and front up. This is a shame right now.

Other than that, I had fun as always.
Ga' Retired
Wow, whoever did that is a carp. Why would you (whoever you are) steal his stuff after doing he did so much to even have these monthly tournaments? Don't be a di-- and pay up.

Sorry for the language, but in cases like this I do feel it is somewhat necessary.
Nearr Retired
Is it like every tournament something gets lost? arupaeo, good luck.