Shu's parents?

(Apr. 27, 2019  6:21 PM)XSabxManiacX Wrote:
(Apr. 27, 2019  6:01 PM)Strider Xanthos Wrote: Hey, some characters need those otherwise they'll be seen as boring or uninteresting.

The next thing you know, people only like the character because they have a sad backstory. And thats how you get an upcoming Gary Stu/Mary Sue. Why doesnt the same thing apply with real world people? Why arent people fawning over depressed real-world high schoolers with abusive parents???
Its interesting to see how they overcome their issues and how the original backstory problems impacts their personality and characterization in the present day. But you're right, you can have a good backstory only for the writers and characters to do absolutely nothing with it (Brody from PR NSteel....can't think of another bad examples)
(Apr. 26, 2019  3:26 PM)Suhasini Wrote:  Other than that, no parent, has the strenght to leave or abandon their child so easily. I am pretty sure @[Cat] knows a lot about it than me, but a parent sticks by their child theough the highs and lows, they care about their child. 
I would lay down my life and die for my kids.  They give me so much stress, but I love them endlessly.

My father disowned me many years ago.  I did not deserve it, I never fully understood why it happened, and to this day a part of me is still broken and insecure from it.  

Abandonment by a parent is a soul-shattering life event.  There is no way it wouldn't have been referenced in Shu's mental breakdown.  In the final act of Akira, we learn that Tetsuo was an abandoned child because it showed how his entire life lacked peace and stability.  It was an important piece of information about a lost boy who nearly instigated the end of humanity.  

Any theories about Shu being abandoned can only be counted as revisionism. People are free to write revisionist fiction, but don't muddle it with original canon.  I facepalm when people think Jonathan Harker divorced Mina, Mr. Hyde was decent at his core, and the invisible man was a sex offender because they read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but never any of the fantastic novels that Alan Moore took them from.
(Apr. 27, 2019  6:01 PM)Strider Xanthos Wrote:
(Apr. 25, 2019  1:31 PM)Beynote Wrote: That would make a very . . . melancholy backstory.
Hey, some characters need those otherwise they'll be seen as boring or uninteresting.

When did I say a sad backstory is wrong? Such backstories are what make characters like shu even more interesting. I just said that backstory would be very melancholy, strider thanos. That’s all.
Probably dumb but I didn’t see shu’s Mother. And where’s his father?
I wanna know the episode or chapter with Shu’s mom too now.... I didn’t even know his parents were shown canon-wise...

His parents probably left him a lot with Valt and his family considering how close he is with them... did they... just hand Shu off to Valt lmao jk but it is interesting to see the contrast between his parents and Valt’s parents—
I vaguely remember in the original sub, he mentioned his parents are often busy and away from home so I just assumed overseas.